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Should You Buy Nokia Lumia 720 – Review

Before we wright it off, Nokia bounced surprisingly, to the extent that we are debating it big again. Lumia, the Nokia flagship series which was introduced in collaboration with software giant Microsoft has started paying off. Series of phones pushed into the market to gain back its popularity that was gone away with rivals Samsung and iPhone, must say Lumia successfully did what it meant for.
Latest entry is Nokia Lumia 720, which showed up in the mobile world congress has now came to bid your approval. Yes, it’s up and available online to buy from April 24th, it is priced under 19k. If you look at the pricing, it is sure that competition is gearing up for the top phones under 20k mark, be it Samsung Grand or HTC Sense, etc. Now I will be discussing on this phone and you should decide whether it fits your pocket or not.
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We had seen smooth and curvy edgy finishes on top smartphones till date and the design of Lumia was completely different, in a way attractive with square corner finishing. This makes phone look very sleek and broadly extended, sizes are varying with respect to models and this Nokia Lumia 720 model has 4.3 inch black display.


I have nothing to criticize as display is very much clear and responsive. Screen sports 800x480P resolution and decent color spread. Only difference it makes with other Lumia models is the IPS LCD panel instead of AMOLED.


This is the key point, as Nokia Lumia 920 grabbed award for best image stabilizing camera, it makes sense to check out these phones if you like taking snaps and videos often. Carl-Zeiss sensor camera with 6.7MP is really impressive, gets you good picture with higher pixel stability. You will not find such a formulated pixel format in any of the phones by Samsung or iPhone. Main reason for the praise is BSI sensors used which are having double apertures than the father model 920 Lumia. What else we want?


We all know, Android is the fastest growing and widely used operating system in the mobiles today, all over the world. To take on such a huge system, Windows does a honest attempt with new looking tile oriented interface. Nokia maps look good and comes with choice.


I would call Nokia Lumia 720 as universal phone as it offers you every possible standard, be it quad-band or 3G. It lets you get on with the high-end connectivity with usual settings, anywhere.
Nokia Lumia 720 is slimmer and weighs lesser than the other family member Lumia 820, this also provides better grip to hold the device. Coming to the internal part, it is loaded with 512MB RAM and costs you if you use too many apps. This phone has got snapdragon dual-core ARM processor running at 1GHz and makes no delay in performing better.
Internal Storage is 8GB, which can be extended to 64GB with micro SD card. Battery life is just fine and 2000mAH will run you for a day, since the screen is IPS LCD and doesn’t demand much like AMOLED does.
Finally, if you wish to buy this, you should shell out 20k and should compromise with the selection of apps compared with other operating systems like Android. If you wish to fish for lower end models then there are few cheapest Android phones which are priced within Rs.5000. If you got a better choice, let us know with your comments below.
Should You Buy Nokia Lumia 720 – Review Reviewed by Ramesh Kumar on Monday, July 13, 2015 Rating: 5
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