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Hide "No Notification" Label on Notification drawer

Some of you may be disturbet by the "No Notification" label on Android lollipop when there is no notification in the notification drawer in stock android :)
For those i made a quick guide how to remove this label! ;)
lets start :)

Things needed:

  1. Knowledge how to De/Recompile Apk's Get Knowledge HERE
  2. Notepad++Download HERE
  3. SystemUI.apk of rom
  4. Brain
  5. Patience if re/decompiling goes wrong :P


1) Extract SystemUI.apk with any root browser and paste to your PC (SystemUI.apk located in "root/system/Priv-app/SystemUI") do a Backup of orig. SystemUI.apk

2) Decompile the SystemUI.apk with apktool or any other Apk-Decompiler

3) Go to folder called "res". Than go to "values-xx" (xx stands for the language. I use my phone in German language so i will go for "values-de". Turkish people go to"values-tr" and so on)

4) After you are in "values-xx" folder open "Strings.xml" WITH NOTEPAD++

5) Press Ctrl+F and search for "No notifications" in your language you are using. In my case it will be "Keine Benachrichtigungen" (German)
(WARNING: There could be more lines which includes "No notification" Text! We need the line look like this: (will add line soon)

6) Replace the "No notification" text with something you want to appear there. If you want to hide it, delete the "no notification" text and do not add anything.
(WARNING: Do not delete more than the "no notification" Text)

7) Save the file and close Notepad++

8) Recompile the apk and push it to your phone: "root/system/priv-app/SystemUI"

9) Reboot your phone and voila, you got a Notification drawer with no "no notification" text :)

tested by me on CM12 5.0.2 and CM12.1 5.1.1

Press thx if it has worked :D

I also made a German Video tutorial on this :D click

Hide "No Notification" Label on Notification drawer Reviewed by Ramesh Kumar on Sunday, July 05, 2015 Rating: 5
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