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[V6U9RC13]For Your Lag(4x) Do it good, Good, GOOD, GOOD! SuperCharge Your Launchaaah!

Hey if somebody says that minfree tweaks don't work on ICS and JB, you can safely assume that they don't know what they're talking about lol

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Please Rate the thread 5 Stars and click the Thanks Button! (any of my posts will do!) if you have enjoyed using The V6 SuperCharger!
Or consider donating - HUGE THANKS to those that have already donated!
And THANKS for constructive feedback - which makes this mod so AMAZING!
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Rant: So I "cleaned up the OP" by adding little headings and hiding stuff. So if you want to post that it's still confusing, DON'T bother.
If you don't like it, don't use it. (And calling yourself a n00b is a BS excuse - READ and LEARN something like everybody else did.)

So... if you don't read and search first, and ask redundant questions anyway... be ready for...

Main Download Page is HERE (V6 SuperCharger and all the latest RC/Beta/Tests for Kick Ass Kernelizer, 3G TurboCharger, and Die-Hard Battery Calibrator)

Latest V6 SuperChargers are Black Dog-63457-Fix and For Your Lag

Latest KAK and 3G TC
are HERE

Post #2 Info! - This is for the application of the following 3 Mods to services.jar!
Mod 1. ICS and Jelly Bean - require the Jelly ISCream Mod done in conjunction with the V6 SuperCharger Script to SuperCharger your launcher!
Mod 2. Froyo and up - can have the New Maximum MultiTasking Mods (Maximum Overdrive and the Time Killer Killer)
Mod 3. Sense 4 and up - remove the Sense 4 limit of only 8 visible apps with the Non-Sense App Limit!

These 3 mods are applied with my:
-=Ultimatic Jar Patcher Tools=- (fully automated exe/bat/sh tools) OR...
-=Ultimate Jar Power Tools=- patcher script (formerly called Jelly ISCream Smali Patcher) to automate Step 5 in Post #2 - the smali edits

Note: The webapp needs updating (aka the "Automatic Transmission" in V6 SuperCharger) and won't work on JB!


SuperCharger = Speed + Multitasking!

No more lag! No more launcher redraws! Smooth & Snappy!

It's the ONLY Complete Memory Management Fix!


It Runs Like A...


Terms of Use:
================================================== ===========================

Bonus Battery Calibration Info:
================================================== ===========================

Summary of Steps (Yeah, it's THIS friggin easy...)

Before you start reading, just know that this is not difficult to implement... it's easy. There's more specifics below but basically:
1. Download a script
2. Install BusyBox (Attached! - see install instructions above the attachments)
3. Install Script Manager (Enable Browse as Root in Config)
4. Load script into Script Manager (Run As Root - the skull and crossbones icon which turns green when selected)
5. Follow instructions/user prompts & select what you want
6. Patch services.jar as needed (see Post 2)

See? EASY!

Note: If you get errors, or fail the driving test, use the SuperCharger Starter Kit from the download page.

Essentially, the Starter Kit makes sure that your ROM has no silly stability issues.

It includes:
A proven busybox
Fixed su binary (for segmentation fault issues with superuser.apk on ICS only)
zipalign binary and sqlite3 binary (used in Update 9 RC*)

================================================== ===========================

Know that the script explains what it does before it does anything!
It holds your hand along the way and it will answer nearly all your questions as it moves along!

It works on ALL Android devices - Custom Roms or Stock Roms, Phones or Tablets, it doesn't matter!

Also Note: Nothing else does what The V6 SuperCharger does!
................Not AutoKiller Memory Optimizer, Not Auto Memory Manager, Not Minfree Manager...
................And NOTHING BEATS IT. PERIOD.

So... if somebody says to you that V6 SuperCharger does the same thing as [pick any app], tell them to first read about what they're talking about so that they can actually have an informed opinion.

Get A Taste of The V8 SuperCharger - Some details for 3G TurboCharger & Kick Ass Kernel Tweaks are here (older versions there too)
.................................................. ....... - V8 SuperCharger Alpha for Milestone!

================================================== ===========================

Memorable User Comments:
  • "Feels like I have a new phone!"
  • "V6 is one the best things to come to android."
  • "Supercharger rocks bro, I'm actually mad I waited so long to do it..."
  • "I wish I hadn't upgraded yet"
  • "Now I can wait to upgrade",
  • "I was about to throw this phone through the wall",
  • "I was about to return it but now I don't have to",
  • "This cured my phone of cancer!"
  • "Oh man... just applied the V6 Supercharger Script by ZeppelinRox on my Android.. I think it fixed everything..",
  • "My phone is better than new!",
  • "my phones has turned god mode on or somthing",
  • "I never notice this at all, until I flash a new rom and realize its not there anymore lol."
================================================== ===========================

What's it do?

It makes your phone FAST... super snappy with better multitasking!
It rearranges and fixes the OOM Groupings and Priorites and lowmemorykiller values.


It's the ONLY one of it's kind

NO LAUNCHER REDRAWS, faster than ever, multitasking is better... why?
Because it works with the lowmemorykiller and letting it work the way it's meant to work.

Also, because of the rearrangement, it works the same on all roms!
The problem with using minfree tweakers like AMM or AKMO is that it doesn't work the same on all roms.
Secondary apps may be in slot 3 on some roms but in slot 5 in others!
That's why you hear people comment "I tried AKMO but it didn't do anything..."
Most likely it didn't do anything because the apps weren't sitting where they were expected to be.

So fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

================================================== ===========================

RAM Lesson:
================================================== ===========================

Note: Do this at your own risk - regardless of how little risk there is .
............ It has the UnSuperCharger Option to uninstall, but do a nandroid anyway.
............ Simply reflashing your ROM will also wipe it clean from your system.

================================================== ===========================


================================================== ===========================


Cool! - Here are a few recent tutorials:

[GUIDE] How to install Supercharger V6 (includes patching steps)
[How To][Video Tut] Install/Run V6 Supercharger + Basics (uh... video)
[GUIDE] V6 Supercharger Update 9 RC 8.2 + for Samsung Galaxy Young (includes a little KAK tutorial too)

If you are using compcache and have lag or slow down after SuperCharging,
DISABLE compache, wipe caches and re-enable it.
Non-ICS/JB ROMS - Be sure to uncheck/disable lock home in memory!

Note: is for use with Milestone's Androidiani OpenRecovery. Even if you have a Milestone, don't run it within Android.
........ AOR Usage: Extract to the root of your sdcard (Directory structure is in the zip)
.........You will now have a SuperCharger Menu on the main screen. Simply select the menu and select 1 of the 12 options.

================================================== ===========================

Pro Tips:
The Help File! (Abbreviated)
================================================== ============================

The above is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

The V6 SuperCharger Script EXPLAINS EVERYTHING that it does - as you use it!

Anything below is extra info!

So get SuperCharged FIRST and then read the stuff below to see how it works!

================================================== ============================

The Nitty Gritty... For Geeks! (WARNING: This can make a non-Geek's head Assplode!)

================================================== ============================

BusyBox v1.19.4 Install Script Instructions:

Boot Re-Installer! For BusyBox v1.19.4 Instructions:

================================================== ============================ is for Androidiani OpenRecovery for Milestone!! - For Milestone ONLY! - See "Installing/Using" instructions above!

How To Save Attached Files
- Right click with your browser & select "save as" from menu, or use the QR Code or XDA app or Tapatalk
- Also a great method - use Opera Mini web browser. Very easy to download and it's FAST!

So... if you get an error like "line xxx: syntax error: unexpected end of file (expecting "blah blah")", it's an INCOMPLETE DOWNLOAD!
Download it again and DO IT RIGHT.

Most recent files are HERE (RC/Beta/Test releases)

Don't Mirror Or RePackage My Files - Just link here - Then your thread won't get real old, real fast.

If you're going to download something...
Please HIT THANKS and Give a 5 Star Rating!
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[V6U9RC13]For Your Lag(4x) Do it good, Good, GOOD, GOOD! SuperCharge Your Launchaaah! Reviewed by Ramesh Kumar on Saturday, July 04, 2015 Rating: 5
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