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Poor Memory Management
Wish to lag
This Mod is for You


After Nitro X with Spark Edition , I present ANDROID L MANAGER

This is a Mod powerful that boosts your device's performance.
It improves your device's performance along with improving battery life of your phone .
Designed for android L but can run on devices with significant RaM (Min 1GB).
This Mod runs on any rooted device.

//// ANDROID L BOOSTER 1.4 ////


# System Ui advanced
# Life expectancy of the improved battery
# EntropyNess 
# Auto mod, drop the cache every hour 
# Incredible improved management of your Ram 
# Improved management of networks 
# SD Tuner 
# Common I/O Tweaks 
# Cleaning system


- Rooted phone
- Android Version : 4.4 / 5.0
- Kernel / ROM with init.d support ( If No support : Init.d Support )
- 10MB free in system
- Custom recovery (CWMR, TWRP, Philz, CarlivTouch)
- ROM Without any Tweaks
- Busybox


Before Flashing please do a nandroid backup to avoid any incompatibility issues.
Do not use with any other Mod script or apps improvement because they conflict ( Seeder / Crossbredder ...).

1. Delete all others script you have installed in system/etc/init.d
2. Copy scripts to your sd card
Mediafire ( ---- ) :

3. Reboot your phone to recovery
5. Flash script
6. Reboot your phone..
7. Done

2. Reboot into recovery mode.
3. Install the ZIP file .


Manager fully dedicated to the operation of Mod to make it fully functional manager to have performance Optimals

To have access to the Mod Manager :
# Terminal Emulator >>
> Open the terminal
> Type su to get root privileges
> Type menu


It clear the cache of your old system and thus gets more free RAM For you and increases performance


Nitro / Light / Panic

LMK Nitro : Minfree default, this one fix the original one on LP / CM12.
LMK Light : Lower Minfree than the default , provides better multitasking.
LMK Panic : Crazy Minfree, ported to aggression for games.


They help to improve snappiness of the overall system.

/////// WARNING ///////
Enabling This Option At Your Own Risk

If you have already installed Flag Tuner of @Pizza_Dox , not need. It's very good too


It used to have significant lag reduction . It shows significant improvements on all devices.
This function writes the kernel parameters of read_wake up_threshold read_wakeup_threshold and to improve the speed of ui.
Entropy increases battery life and reduces lag.
In each levels, these bits are increased
The entropy actually different values of bits used to wake the sleeping process.
Enlarger level is made in Zepp.

Levels Entropy :

Changes the user profile entropy for the convenience .

Default , Light , Moderate , Agressive , Enlarger

NITRO Default : Original values of the android system
NITRO Light : Similar to moderate but lower
NITRO Moderate : Better than the default
NITRO Agressive : Similar to moderate but higher
NITRO Enlarger : Settings created by zeppelinrox

You'll understand the balance being moderate

Meaning by defaullt , Nitro X Entropy is not enabled , it's up to you to activate it via the Manager.


Removal of the engine, will not leave any trace.


The system will take longer to rebooted , do not worry, this is normal . By install the mod cleans the Dalvik engine
Reports are created and saved here : / system / etc / Nitro
ANDROID L BOOSTER V.1 .4 // For Your LP Reviewed by Ramesh Kumar on Saturday, July 04, 2015 Rating: 5
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