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Wifi Codes for Android 4+

What I'm Doin?

This application allows you to change your phone's wifi country code ( which is set by your simcard ), to be able to see wifi networks on all channels. This application also helps people who can't see any wireless networks while the simcard is in their phone ( like me ) which is again caused by the bad country code.

What I Need?

1.You have to be rooted.
2.Anything else?

Ok cool, How To Get?

You can get the application .apk from here :

I will be uploading the application on the market by the time the beta period is over and I'm sure that it works fine on every phone.

Ok gotcha, How To Use?

1. First make sure that wifi is on. ( will be fixed in next releases )
2. Open the application, and put in your desired country code to fly to! :-p
3. You can see 2 main country codes which are already there for you, feel free to use them if they meet your needs!
4. Click `Change It`.
5. Now if it's the first time you are running this application, you will be asked for root permissions. Grant Please!
6. Now If everything goes well you will see a message which says that the country code is changed.
7. Go on and turn off your wifi and turn it back on.
8. You will see all the networks showing up.

Note:You don't have to do this every time the phone boots up... This only needs to be done once. Unless you factory reset your phone.

I can't see any wireless networks

It is caused by new android 4 roms arriving to the devices ( mainly htc phones ) which use some carrier and country specific files to set Wifi Regulatory Domain options ( which was present in wifi settings until android 2.3, but been removed from android 4 and later roms ). If your country code seems unknown to android system, then it fails to set right options and it fails to intiate wireless scan.

To solve this all you need to do is to change your country code manually to a known one, so that android system can determine what channels it should scan for networks.

Change Log

09 Nov. 2012 - V1 - Initial Release
Known Bugs

1. If you run the application when the wifi is off, then you will face issues and you will need to restart your phone. ( I'm trying to solve this, but I believe it's nothing with my application, it's an android bug )
2. You Say!

About Beta

This application is still in beta section, and won't get to final releases without the help of you guys.. Feel free to post here if you faced any issues while working with the application.
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