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APK Edit v0.4, allows you to edit your apk file


The download is based on old source code, I don't have that source anymore due to a hard-disk failure.
I'm rebuilding the application as a open source project.

Source code C# version (Windows)
Source code Java version (Windows / Mac OS / Linux)

With this little program you can simply change icons of your android application.
It even lets you change the applications name.
But wait mike..... there's more.....
It even lets you edit the text used in applications.

Sounds to good to be true...
Well... to be honest.... it is.
But I've come a long way from that initial question to the final answer.
My conclusion so far, it works for most of my applications.
It probably will work on most of yours as well.

(Caution: when overwriting an existing application you will loose your associated data!!!)

Special thanks goes out to:
Brut.all for creating Apktool, the backbone of this little project.

Java & .Net Framework 3.5 (Why build on one platform if you can build on two? I know, I know....)
For installing system apps - S-OFF

Nice to know:
Clicking on the [Icons:] tag in the General tab will open a browser window and search for icons in "Google images".
Donations will be "forwarded" to fellow developers like Brutt.all and others, reinforcing the greatness of today's world.

How the magic works:
When opening an APK file it first tries to decompile it using APK Tool (with the version selected in the settings tab)
If decompile failed, because of a missing framework file, it tries to find this file on your phone.
Most of the times it will find what its looking for, pull it off your phone and tries to recompile the whole thing again.
If somehow it cannot find the required framework file, it will provide you a list of possible files on your phone. You can then choose the correct file yourself.
Assuming this process finishes without any problem you now can edit the apk file.
When you press Apply it will recompile the apk and then sign the newly compiled file.
- System APK files (APK files that needed an additional framework file) will get a copy of the original signature.
- Other APK files will get a brand new signature.
When you Click the phone animation it will push the APK to your phone
- System APK files will be pushed to /system/app (ADB PUSH)
- Other APK files will be installed the normal way (ADB INSTALL)
If install failed due to some signature failure it will do some additional fancy tricks and try it again.

Upcoming features:
New option in settings tab -> Only allow one instance of APK Edit to open at once.
New option in settings tab -> Add/remove APK file association to registry.
New option on startup -> Option to open up a "Phone Explorer", lets you edit APK files directly from phone.

Known issues:
CarHomeGoogle.apk - Doesn't save changes
Quickoffice.apk - Doesn't show up after installing

Version history:

0.4e - Minor update
Added: Some more debug logging on startup of the application.
Fixed: Version number in settings tab now shows correct version.

0.4d - Minor update
Fixed: Fixed startup crash if some APK properties are empty (like screensize/densities/locales), like in Settings.apk.
Fixed: A little bug in the fancy install mechanism, mainly experienced when installing system apk's

0.4c - Minor update
Fixed: Compatibility issue with Windows XP, causing program to crash on startup.

0.4b - Minor update
Fixed: Error extracting signature.
Changed: Extended logging.

0.4a - Minor update
Changed: Logging is enabled by default.
Added: Some debug messages for when opening of apk goes wrong.

0.4 - Major rewrite
Did a major rewrite of the code.
Added: Option to choose APK tool version
Added: Logging feature
Added: Auto retrieve required dependency files from phone if needed (for editing system apps)
Added: Details panel, shows information about the package.
Added: Restore original file link, for when thing's get really messed up.
Added: Donate button, for those who wanna celebrate with me.
Fixed: Some annoying issues (APKtool Issue 100) / (XLargeScreens bug)
Removed: QR Code installation support
Removed: AdbWireless installation support

0.3 - Update
Added: Language support.
Added: Installation method (USB Cable).

0.2 - Minor update
Added: Save confirmation dialog (as req by droidzone)
Changed: Recreated the loading animation so that it theme's better with the rest of the application.

0.1 - Initial release
For the record... only use on you're own apk files, otherwise it's not that legal I think.
APK Edit v0.4, allows you to edit your apk file Reviewed by Ramesh Kumar on Saturday, July 04, 2015 Rating: 5
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